Lusitano Stutteri

Our stud farm Assentorplund Lusitanos Denmark was established with the focus to breed and sell Lusitano horses in the Northern Part of Europe. It was the first of its kind in Denmark, and we have been around since 2017. It is our mission to breed and educate strong and especially agile horses - as well as spread the knowledge about this beautiful pedigree horse and its special abilities in Dressage and Working Equitation.

If you are still considering why you should buy a Lusitano horse, you will, the first time you spend time with and ride one, fall in love with its personality. It is a very beautiful and intelligent horse that has flair for training and therefore really fun and easy to educate within your preferred discipline. It can go broader in other disciplines than just dressage, although this breed now increasingly are represented in the Olympics dressage competitions, you have a horse that is ideal for trips in the forest, it can actually jump, it is extremely brave and will not led you down. Read more about why we find this breed exceptionel here.

If you are interested in more information about our horses and would like to get to know what horses are looking for a new home, then please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and/or via our contact information below.